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Graphene Coatings Vs. Traditional Ceramic Coatings

There’s a lot of buzz in the detailing world these days about Graphene Coatings. But what exactly are they and how do they differ from traditional ceramic coatings? 

In short, our Amphibious Graphene Coating is the next evolution in ceramic coatings. Why is this? Simply put, our Graphene Coating is a hybrid coating. It contains our ceramic technology infused with graphene.

What set this exploration mission into motion was a drive to improve upon our current coating offerings. We listened to our network of professional detailers and boat owners and set out to fulfill their wishes. 

Our Mission With Creating A Graphene Coating

The number one complaint people have with ceramic coatings is water spots. Ceramic coatings retain heat leaving mineral deposits on the surface, which bake into the surface causing water spots to be left behind.

Our goal was to help reduce this spotting and improve detailing enthusiasts and detailers experience with coatings. Guess what, we accomplished our objective. Graphene improves the sliding angle, which means water starts to fall off the surface with less angle. This is one of the main factors leading to water spots. 

Also, the honeycomb nature of this carbon based graphene coating allows for a stronger bond and barrier against the harsh elements of the boating world.

Our second objective was to make a multi purpose coating. All too often you need several different coatings in order to coat your car or boat. We fixed this, our graphene line is able work across all surfaces. Through a highly active formula we created the perfect formula for the marine environment. 

But that wasn’t good enough for us, plenty of our industry professionals who use YACHTE work in the auto space too. So we had to factor this in. Not only does our Graphene take to the quirks of gelcoat but it effortlessly applies to automotive paints.

Thus, Amphibious coatings were born. The perfect coating for all your toys both land and sea. Graphene applies to virtually any surface. We have had tremendous success and durability on surfaces besides paint and gelcoat. Graphene works amazing on glass, metal, plastics, vinyl on boats, pretty much any surface you can think of.

The Science

Graphene in its pure form will not bond to the surface. By integrating graphene into our SiO2 coatings we are able to harness the powers of Graphene. 

Technically speaking, we have modified a ceramic coating by taking graphite and using one of its layers “Graphene” and turning it into Graphene Oxide. Taking it one step further we combine Graphene-oxide with our traditional ceramic formulation to bring you a reduced Graphene-oxide formula.

This hybrid formula allows us to create a coating that is stronger, has a higher scratch resistance, less water-spotting, and improved resistance to stains and etching. The reduced water-spotting is created by lowering the sliding angle or the degree that allows water to get moving off the surface.

The Result

As mentioned above through this reduced Graphene-oxide formula we have successfully achieved a multi-surface coating for land and sea. One coating to fulfill all your needs on a variety of difference surfaces.

Durability Of A Graphene Coating

In terms of durability with a proper install and aftercare our traditional Graphene Coating Solar Graphene will see 18-24 months of protection in the marine world and an amazing 7 years in the automotive world.

Graphene Glow, our easy-to-use amphibious spray coating is the perfect boost to Solar Graphene. In the marine world it will last 4-6 months and on an automotive application it is a 12 month spray coating.

Even Graphene Refresh our lightweight water based quick detailer will provide cars with up to 90 days of protection! 

Ease of cleanup – Graphene Coating

Graphene coatings make cleanup easier. With an improved sliding angle water sheds off the surface with less of an angle than previous coatings. This drastically improves the dynamic hydrophobics or the self cleaning effects of the coating, making post fishing and cruising trip cleanups an absolute breeze.

A Graphene Coating Has Multi-surface Applications

One of the most unique findings we found was graphene’s ability to bond well to a plethora of different surfaces. Surfaces include; windows, metal, upholstery and plastics. Our traditional ceramic coating solar defense would work on these surfaces but the durability wasn’t as good on these secondary surfaces. 

But with graphene we found the coating to hold up extremely well, far surpassing traditional ceramic coatings without the need for additional coating offerings. Everything can be coated with one bottle. Cut the clutter in your detailing arsenal. 

Maintaining A Graphene Coating

Maintaining your graphene coatings is imperative to their success and longevity. Good news your favorite soap Bubble Bath is the perfect starting point. Since our graphene products contain ceramic components the SiO2 in Bubble Bath maintains the integrity of the coating.

Quarterly on a marine application we love to go through the boat with a simple Graphene Glow application. Its quick, easy and ensures we keep the car or boat dialed in.

Lastly, probably our favorite addition to our entire product line is Graphene Refresh. Simple and effective, Graphene Refresh harnesses the power of graphene technology in a water based product that can be applied wet or dry.

How we use Graphene Refresh…weekly. We spray the boats surfaces; windows, metal you name it, while the boat is still wet and then dry with our hand chamois or chamois mop. It aids with drying and dries to a streak free finish with added protection. The same process can be used to dry your car but using your favorite plush microfiber towel.


The best way to look at our graphene technology for your car or boat is the next evolution in ceramic technology. Improving upon where traditional ceramics leave off by enhancing the gloss, durability, and the ability to bond to multiple surfaces easily. The number one reason we designed this graphene coating for boats was to decrease water spotting, one of the biggest issues facing boaters.

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