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“Hands down the best compound I’ve ever used!” – Mike Brighten & Tone Customer

(8 customer reviews)

✅ Cutting-edge  boat polishing compound formula designed to be used on DA machines such as a Rupes polisher. Works great with rotary machines as well.

✅ Dustless formula won’t leave your boat a mess while cutting and polishing. High lubricity gives you ample working time to perfect your boats surface.

✅ Diminishing abrasive formula goes from coarse to fine as you work Brighten & Tone in. Will provide insane gloss and in many cases a swirl free finish to your boat in one step depending on pad selection.

✅ Removes up to 1500 grit sand scratches.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA with our 100% product guarantee.

All we can say about Brighten & Tone is this product is bound to leave its mark in the boat detailing world! In this new age where machines like the Rupes reign supreme, there needs to be a product designed for them…enter Brighten & Tone.

We designed this unique formula to be used specifically for DA polishers but will cut just as aggressively with a rotary buffer. 

This game changer is virtually dust free and will cut through oxidation effortlessly. 

Comprised of diminishing abrasives, B&T will work into a fine polish as you continue to buff and leave a brilliant finish in one simple step! 

Add incredible gloss with an easy to use medium compound

Benefits of Brighten & Tone

  • Cutting-edge Formula – Designed to be used with a DA polisher and provide as much cut as it would with a rotary
  • Remove 1500 grit sand marks – Will remove 1500 grit and finer sand scratches.
  • Virtually Dust Free – One of the great features is it provides little to no dusting which is one of our biggest pet peeves when buffing a boat, is the sand pit left behind on the deck after heavy cutting.
  • High Lubricity – A lot of lubrication provides you a long working time even while working in direct sunlight.
  • Aggressive Cut – Don’t be fooled by the fact this is a medium-cut compound. It can keep up with the most aggressive compounds if need be, she packs a big punch when it comes to cutting through stubborn oxidation in gel coat.
  • Smells Great – A light fruity scent makes working with B&T a pleasurable experience.




  1. If using foam pad: apply a few drops to your pad and at a low speed work the product into a 2’X2′ area. If using a wool pad: apply a line of product to a 2’X2′ section.
  2. Increase speed and apply firm pressure allowing B&T to work into the gel coat and eliminate any oxidation in the surface.
  3. As product works into surface, reduce pressure allowing the surface to be properly polished and eliminate overall swirls.
  4. When left with a high gloss surface is successfully Toned.
  5. Wipe residual product away with a microfiber towel.
Crisp clean gelcoat with incredible gloss using a dustless compound

These Products Go Great With Brighten & Tone!

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What do you do after successfully exfoliating your gelcoat? Give it some additional cleansing! Enter Brighten & Tone…you’ve take the heavy pores out of the gel and did a nice job leveling it out but you still need to refine your gelcoat even further. One unique aspect behind this amazing medium-cut compound is the formula is DA polisher preferable but works with rotary’s just as well.

Brighten & Tone will help level out the gelcoat even more making the surface even smoother. This unique medium cut polishing compound has a lot of cutting power and minimal dusting. It will start out with a good amount of grit and progressively work into a fine polish as you work the product in. As with Exfoliate we added a ton of lubricity to give you a really long working time.

After you’ve properly massaged Brighten & Tone into the gelcoat, it will leave the boats surface in most cases swirl free and ready for your sunscreen application. If not swirl free then you will have minimal swirls left behind.

You know you’ve worked this unique compound in enough when you’re left with a slight haze of product. You’ll be left with a high gloss shine coming off your boats surface! Make sure you have your sunglasses handy.

After a quick toning session, your boats surface will be ready for moisturizing. Exfoliate followed up by Brighten & Tone is the perfect 1…2 punch for leaving your boats fiberglass dripping wet and hydrated.


  1. Apply a bead of product to a 2ft X 2ft area if using a rotary polisher. If using a DA place 4-5 drops on a foam pad.
  2. Using a rotary polisher, slowly buff using an overlapping pattern with enough pressure to eliminate surface defects.
  3. As the compound material diminishes, finesse the paint or gel surface, progressively using less pressure until a high gloss is achieved.
  4. Wipe off excess product with a microfiber towel.
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8 reviews for Brighten & Tone – Medium-Cut Boat Polishing Compound

  1. Chris Davis (verified owner)

    Paired with a foam pad and a DA B&T creates a brilliant shine

  2. Gregory T Prewitt (verified owner)

    Will never not have this product within reach! This product is multi dimensional and can clear up haze with a variety of different pads. Anytime I’m about to be polishing on a boat that comes through my shop, this is the first product that I’m grabbing.

  3. James Pipczynski (verified owner)

    A fantastic medium cut polish that immediately brings back the shine

  4. Ben M. (verified owner)

    The Best!

  5. Dale Marbut (verified owner)

    Used it for the first time on a Supra WB that was sold. Blew me away. I will be taking on this line for sure this spring. 90% of my work is boats also.
    Scott Marbut
    Sharkys Mobile Detailing
    Arley, Al

  6. Nelson Diaz (verified owner)

    Awesome product and easy application!!!

  7. Travis C. (verified owner)

    Great all around product. leaves extreme gloss and smoothness. Cant wait to coat the gelcoat as it looks new again.

  8. Jason Randall (verified owner)

    A must have in your detailing arsenal!

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