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Inspired By Life At Sea

For those with saltwater in their veins. The passion, love and need to be on the water is why YACHTE was created. YACHTE is for boaters looking to experience life past the breakers through products designed to make your boat stand out! 

How Can YACHTE Help You Today?

My boat has:

A Smell

check out our Ocean Air – Air Purifiers to kick that smell in the butt!


Choose from one of our compounds from heavy to fine to dial in your boats shine.

Needs A Bath

Our Boat Soap, Bubble Bath will leave your boat nice and clean with ease.

Needs Protection

Sunscreen our durable Polymer Sealant will be sure to leave your boat with unbeatable protection.

Yachte tips/tricks

how to choose the right buffing compound for your boat

Buffing Compounds for Boats: Choosing The Right One

Introduction To Buffing Compounds For Boats Buffing compounds for boats are essential products for boat owners who want to keep their boats looking their best. If you’re looking to restore the shine and protect your boat’s surface, buffing compounds are the perfect solution. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about

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Complete boat washing kit includes 5 gallon rope handle bucket, wash pad drying aid and drying towels.

A Guide to Essential Boat Washing Tools

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open water on a beautiful, sunny day. But, before you set sail, it’s important to make sure your boat is in tip-top shape – and that includes giving it a good cleaning. With the right tools, you can make boat washing a breeze and keep your vessel looking like

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caring for your microfiber towels is simple

How To Clean & Care For Your Microfiber Towels

Microfibers are a significant investment in your detailing game. They’re imperative to the success of your details and they require proper cleaning and care to ensure they continue to perform optimally.  Before microfiber, the goto was Terry cloth. Once microfiber hit the scene it has made the ability to clean, shine and dry the surface

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