How and Why Air Purifiers Are Beneficial on Your Boat

Want the secret to a great smelling boat? Gel based air purifiers are a great way to eliminate mold, mildew, and other strong harmful odors onboard your boat.

Have you ever hopped onboard a boat either your own or a friends and smelt that horrible boat smell? Air Purifiers are an easy solution to solving smell issues on boats. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and forms.

In Short Air Purifiers…

Help to pull airborne particle pollutants out of your boats air so you don’t breathe them in. This in turn leaves you with a clean smelling boat, containing healthy air onboard for you and your guests to enjoy. You can buy an air purifier machine or containers  comprised of natural ingredients. These gel containers offer the same benefits of the machine at a fraction of the cost.

Why use an Air Purifier on a boat

Whether you decide to go with an air purifier machine or a simple gel, there are a plethora of benefits to them. The elements your boat is exposed to make them breeding ground for bacteria. Using one helps to keep these bacteria at bay by removing the harmful particles from the air. These bacteria thrive in warm, humid environments cue your boat. By keeping something as simple as a set it and forget it air purifier onboard can make a big difference to the air quality on your boat.

Since we like to consider ourselves experts on the topic of air quality on boats, were gonna go a little bit further into gel air purifiers.

Using tea tree oil air purifiers on boats helps to keep mold and mildew away

What goes into making a successful gel based air purifier

Our team of yacht care professional have worked tirelessly to find what makes up a great easy to use product, to keep the air on your boat clean and smelling great. Using the finest natural ingredients we tested a medley of different combinations till we got products we felt were worthy of being placed on yachts of the highest pedigree.

The base ingredient

Like anything – a strong foundation creates a great product. After researching and testing we found Tea Tree Oil to be the perfect base for crafting the ultimate gel air purifier. Why tea tree oil? Simply put, tea tree oil provides great antimicrobial properties, perfect for keeping mold and mildew particles out of your boats air.

But its not as simple as pumping pure tea tree oil in mass quantities into the boat, thats not good. We had to work to find the right balance, too much tea tree and the fragrance is overpowering and not beneficial to your air quality because its overkill. Too little and you aren’t getting enough antimicrobial properties in the air to pull the toxins out.

After dialing in the correct percentage of tea tree oil for our gel, we then tested other essential oils in conjunction with tea tree oil to craft a strong, powerful air purifier that effectively cleans the air in your boat.

What exactly is an essential oil?

They are highly concentrated versions of natural oils found in plants. These oils are extracted through distillation by steam or water, using the plant in its entirety including; stem, roots, leaves and bark.

Pairing multiple essential oils together help to create a strong air purifier designed to kick even the strongest odors off your boat for good.

What to do before using your air purifier

Before you open up a new air purifier its important to clean the cabin, head, bilge or wherever the odor or mold exists. This will allow the product to work to its full potential and truly rid your boat of harmful air pollutants.

For  in depth guides on how to clean mold and mildew and other strong odors like diesel from your boat please refer to the following articles:

  1. The Simplest Way For Preventing Boat Mold & Mildew
  2. My Boat Smells Like Diesel, How Do I Get Rid of The Smell

These are two great resources which will teach you how to clean your boat like a pro and say goodbye to harmful odors!

Enter Ocean Air

Since boats are prone to odors, mold and mildew because of the environment they live in we felt the need to craft the ultimate product to combat them, enter Ocean Air. A unique product with similar ingredients but designed to fight different strength odors.

Ocean Air contains tea tree oil as the base. Then we mixed our additional essential oils in to fight different odors and air pollutants. Ocean Air is designed to be your everyday mold and mildew inhibitor. Its a light airy product that his a wonderful citrus scent. Ocean Air starts off strong and as the air quality on the boat improves the fragrance diminishes. Leaving you with nothing but the smell of crisp ocean air around you.

The beauty behind our gel air purifiers is their simplicity, clean the area, pop the top and you’re done. Yachte Care is lasting longer than competitors such as, Kanberra. They typically last about 30 days out of an 8oz container. Our gel air purifiers are getting in many cases 45+days which is truly phenomenal.

If you’re thinking of trying out one of our Air Purifiers to leave you with a great natural smelling boat we’ve got a gift for you since we know you’re gonna love them!

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