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(2 customer reviews)


“I use this combo regularly to keep my boats coating beading like the day it was coated” – Joe Ceramic Maintenance Kit Customer

(2 customer reviews)

✅ Easily and safely manage your boats ceramic coating with the perfect 1..2 combo

✅ Add shine and gloss to your boat with a simple spray and after every wash

✅ Super slick and awesome hydrophobic properties

✅ Maintain the hydrophobic properties of your ceramic coated vehicle or boat

✅ Works well with other brands of ceramic

🇺🇸 Proudly made in the USA with our 100% guarantee


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Our Ceramic Coating Starter Kit Includes:

  • 32oz Bubble Bath Boat Soap 
  • 16oz Solar Glow Ceramic Spray Coating
  • Applicator Pad
  • 3 Microfiber Towels

Our ceramic maintenance kit is the perfect way to maintain any ceramic coated car or boat. 

Over time your coated will start to have some reduced water beading effects and through abrasion of washing and enjoying your toys will reduce the thickness of the coating. By reapplying Si02 infused products you help to build that thickness back up.  

We love this kit because it’s the easiest way to ensure your boat or cars ceramic coating stays strong despite what the elements and use can throw at it. 

Solar Glow is an easy to apply wipe on wipe off ceramic coating. Simply spray to applicator pad or directly onto the surface and work in a cross hatch pattern and wipe off after one minute or the product flashes (becomes slightly tacky). 




Benefits of Bubble Bath & Solar Glow

  • SiO2 Infused Technology – Bubble Bath contains 10% SiO2 (the main ingredient from our ceramic coating) to provide you with a thin layer of protection after every wash.
  • Stable Foaming – Because its PH neutral it won’t strip waxes or coatings.
  • Highly Lubricated – The lubrication allows the soap to gently lift the toughest dirt with ease without harming your boats surface.
  • Great Everyday Soap – Whether you have a ceramic coating or not on your boat, Bubble Bath is an excellent boat soap for all your washing needs.
  • Streak Free Finish – Won’t leave behind soap residue and streaks. 
  • Easy To Apply – Solar Glow is the easiest way to completely ceramic coat your boat.
  • Gain Long Lasting Protection – By keeping up with the maintenance of your coating you will ensure optimal longevity.
  • Easier Cleanup – With ceramic coating your boat will cleanup easier, in most cases a simple rinse and chamois will give you a clean boat in between washes.





  1. Pour 2-3 ounces into 5-gal bucket.
  2. Fill bucket with water.
  3. Wash surface with brush or wash mitt, allowing soap to lift dirt.
  4. Thoroughly rinse surface area.
  5. Once boat is completely clean and dry. Spray Solar Glow onto applicator pad.
  6. Work product in, in a cross hatch pattern and allow product to cure for 1 minute.
  7. Wipe all product off and allow 4 hours before getting wet.
  8. Enjoy!

These Products Go Great With Bubble Bath!

Ceramic coatings on either a boat or car need to be cared for to continue to function properly and enjoy all the benefits of a ceramic coating.

Bubble Bath is a specially infused Si02 PH neutral soap. What that means is because its PH neutral it wont strip any coatings and leave down a thin protective layer and recharge the coating. Bubble bath provides deep cleaning power and won’t leave a film behind.

Follow your wash up with Solar Glow our ceramic spray coating. Unlike a traditional Si02 silica spray Solar Glow is an actual ceramic spray. This means not only will it refresh the hydrophobic properties of your ceramic coating on your car or boat to bead like the day it was coated but it also reinforces the coating already on the vessel or vehicle. This will prevent the base coat you already have down from wearing away prematurely.

Ceramic coatings are the highest form of protection you can apply to your boat, yacht or car.  Proven to outlast any natural waxes and synthetic sealants while achieving the highest gloss levels and reducing micro marring from washing.

Although these are superior to waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings do require maintenance and upkeep to insure they perform like the day they were applied. Overtime is neglected it can weaken and jeopardize the integrity of the coating.

Coating Erosion

Over time the coating can lose some of its beading and hydrophobic properties. Everyone loves a good beading action video and thats the first indication of a well protected car or boat. Boosting or enhancing these hydrophobic properties can help reduce water spotting, dirt contamination and buildup because it has a tough time sticking to the surface. The water beading up and not sticking to the surface is known as the self cleaning effect.

Ceramic coatings have low surface tension which means the liquids on the surface of your car or boat can run off effortlessly. But there is a catch to this over time through increased industrial fallout, dirt and grime, and surface contaminants this surface energy can become increased. What does this mean? Any unwanted items clinging to the surface can create obstacles for the water to stick to and take away from the longevity of the coating.

By applying Si02 infused products it helps to reintroduce the hydrophobic technology back to the coating instead of having to start from scratch again.

Gloss Loss

Just like before in the reduced beading effect. Over time the contaminants mentioned above can cause the surface to become bumpy and reduce the shine you once had. Through proper washing to carefully remove the contaminates you can maintain that ultra shine like when you had it first coated. Our Si02 infused products in this maintenance kit help to repair the worn away pieces of the ceramic coating on your boat or car.

We recommend using Solar Glow our ceramic spray coating every 3-4 months to help charge the coating back up to its like new coated condition and ensure you’re coating will stay beading and protecting your yacht or car month after month.

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 12 in

2 reviews for Boat And Car Ceramic Coating Maintenance Kit

  1. Charles W. (verified owner)

    My current experience with YACHTE products is unfortunately hearsay. So far, the products have been used by a professional detailer who has done the work while we have been absent from the boat.
    Once last fall and again in the early spring our girl has been washed with Bubble Bath and then covered with Solar Glow. This spring due to a bottom paint job, the hull will be treated along with the topsides.
    We’ll be rounding FL this season, we are on the Loop, and felt that the additional spring job would help the boat fight off the summer sun of FL.
    I can report that by all indications from those who were at the marina, passing by the boat, were very positive and garnered the detailing crew 2 new jobs. I think that speaks for itself.
    We will be back on the boat the week of Mar 14th and can’t wait to be back on board and to see the shine on the boat.
    Being an ’86 she had an oxidation issue that was held back by a full wash & wax since we bought her in ’10. The ceramic job done in ’21 on the boat from her waterline to the bridge roof (solar panels on the bridge roof prevents that from being treated) has made her look brand new and YACHTE products are what we are looking at to keep her in that shape.
    Thanks Austin, you are our go-to guy for ceramic products.

  2. Drake L. (verified owner)

    I was very sceptical about trying solar glow on my Tahoe at first, it’s my baby….but I bit the bullet and spent more money than I ever have before on one 16oz. bottle of vehicle care product. That being vfc said, I’m really glad I gave it a shot. It was so easy to apply and remove. No streaks and paint feels smoother and looks amazing. I’m hoping that it lasts as long as it says it will. Guess time will tell. I really couldn’t believe how easy it was. Best part is I have plenty left in that one 16oz bottle to share with friends that have seen my truck since applying it…. now they wont give me a hard time for spending what I did. Matter of fact, bet a few of the sceptics will become future customers of Yachte Care products.

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