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“I’m amazed at how long Sunscreen has lasted on my contender” – Bill Sunscreen Customer

(3 customer reviews)

✅ Durable polymer sealant (boat wax) perfect for your quarterly waxing regiment.

✅ Can be applied easily by hand or machine.

✅ Provides a deep shine in an easy on/easy off formula.

✅ Excellent everyday protection with great water beading properties for your boat waxing needs.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA with our 100% product guarantee.



Sunscreen is the longest lasting polymer sealant (or boat wax) we offer. It gives your boat months of durable protection against the salt, dirt, UV Rays and fish blood. This is the perfect product for your quarterly boat waxing needs.

You’ll be amazed at how much gloss will be added to your boat with a single application. But don’t be fooled by its wet look, Sunscreen provides a durable barrier agains corrosion, oxidation while providing unbelievable beading action.

We designed Sunscreen to stand up against aerospace regulations to give you long lasting protection. 

Best of all application of Sunscreen, is simple! Its an easy on easy off liquid polymer sealant for your boat. Apply to a section, allow to haze and wipe off reside with ease.

You can apply Sunscreen by hand or machine, whichever you prefer. Best of all our boat wax won’t leave marks on your colored hull it goes on evenly.

A wax for your boat that beads for months on end
An easy to apply wax on your boats colored hull



Benefits of Sunscreen

  • UV Protection – if you’re looking for the ultimate protection against the harsh rays of the sun, Sunscreen will give you the protection you need.
  • Barrier against oxidation – our polymer sealant puts up a tough shield to ward off oxidation.
  • Durable – Sunscreen provides protection month after month. Just see how long your boat keeps beading week after week, you’ll be amazed. 
  • Deep Gloss – Simply test a spot on your boat after buffing and you’ll be amazed at the depth of gloss behind Sunscreen! 




  1. Shake well

  2. If applying by hand: apply a few drops to an applicator pad and work the creme in a circular motion, covering every inch.
  3. Let sunscreen dry, then buff to a shine with a clean microfiber towel.
  4. If applying with a DA Polisher: apply several drops to a foam wax pad. Spread evenly over entire surface.
  5. Let product dry and buff to a shine with a clean microfiber towel.

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You’ve spent countless hours in the sun, breaking your back dialing in your gelcoat, why let it go to waste? Lock in the shine with Sunscreen!

Sunscreen provides long lasting protection with unbeatable beading and sheeting month after month. Lather up your applicator pad or DA foam wax pad and apply sunscreen to your boats surface, allowing it to haze before buffing it off. You’ll also be amazed with the shine sunscreen produces on your boat.

Sunscreen provides an amazing level of gloss and long term protection that wont disappoint. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions the sea and sun can throw at your boat.

Note this is not a cleaner wax so it will not remove oxidation and is not intended to be a one step cleaner wax. The surface must be corrected prior to application for best results.


Shake well, if using a DA polisher apply to a fresh foam wax pad and apply using a cross hatch pattern working in smaller sections. Let Sunscreen haze slightly and buff of with a fresh microfiber towel for a beautiful gloss. Hand application apply to a wax applicator pad and apply using circular motion overlapping to ensure you have covered the entire area. Buff off with a fresh microfiber towel. Do not let product stand too long otherwise it will be a little difficult to remove. If that happens put some water in spray bottle and mist lightly to help remove the residual product.

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 5.5 × 12 in


3 reviews for Sunscreen – Long Lasting Polymer Sealant (boat wax)

  1. Chris Davis (verified owner)

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    Very hydrophobic and easy on easy off.

  2. David R. (verified owner)

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    We service over 400
    Boats a season across the Midwest. By far the best wax.
    It has a light cutting power while also sealing the paint/gelcoat. Highly recommend

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

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