“I’m amazed by the amount of suds and cleaning power, this soap packs a punch” – George Bubble Bath Customer

✅ Insanely easy to use ceramic sprayable coating

✅ Add shine and gloss to your boat with a simple spray and after every wash

✅ Perfect for those looking to test out ceramic coating

✅ Super slick and awesome hydrophobic properties

✅ 6-8 months of protection

🇺🇸 Proudly made in the USA with out 100% guarantee




Kick your spa day off with  deep cleansing suds. Bubble Bath is the perfect way to provide a deep clean. Carefully formulated to our high standards, Bubble Bath gently removes, dirt, debris, salt and fish blood effortlessly while leaving your boats surface refreshed with a thin layer of SiO2 protection after every bath.

We developed Bubble Bath with two objectives in mind. First, to give boats with ceramic coatings the proper maintenance in between applications. Second, to give every boat owner a soap that wont strip wax but actually reinforce protection with SiO2 infused.

The first thing you’ll notice about Bubble Bath is just how much it suds up and stays sudsy for a while. Giving you ample cleaning time before having to change out the water in your bucket. 

Bubble Bath is a PH neutral soap, which is gentle on your boats surface and highly lubricated to remove tough dirt effortlessly without harming your boats gelcoat. 




Benefits of Bubblebath

  • SiO2 Infused Technology – Bubble Bath contains 10% SiO2 (the main ingredient from our ceramic coating) to provide you with a thin layer of protection after every wash.
  • Stable Foaming – Because its PH neutral it won’t strip waxes or coatings.
  • Highly Lubricated – The lubrication allows the soap to gently lift the toughest dirt with ease without harming your boats surface.
  • Great Everyday Soap – Whether you have a ceramic coating or not on your boat, Bubble Bath is an excellent boat soap for all your washing needs.
  • Streak Free Finish – Won’t leave behind soap residue and streaks. 
  • Safe For Multiple Surfaces – Bubble Bath can be used on both cars and boats, paint or gelcoat.
  • Foam Cannon Friendly – if you like to use foam cannons or foam guns while washing, test bubble bath out your mind will be blown by the massive suds she throws out of the cannon.





  1. Pour 2-3 ounces into 5-gal bucket.
  2. Fill bucket with water.
  3. Wash surface with brush or wash mitt, allowing soap to lift dirt.
  4. Thoroughly rinse surface area.
  5. Enjoy!

These Products Go Great With Bubble Bath!

This Black Friday only special is designed to give you a tase of the wonderful world of ceramic coatings. This kit includes a 32oz bottle of our fan favorite Bubble Bath Boat Soap and a 16oz bottle of Solar Glow our marine ceramic spray coating. We rolled this package out specifically for those who are interested in dipping their toe into the uncharted waters of ceramic coatings. With 6-8 months of protection out of a single coat this kit will give you all the benefits of a traditional ceramic coating in an easy to use package.

Our soap is the perfect added bonus because it contains 10% SiO2 the active ingredient in our ceramics it helps to maintain the integrity of the coating to the boats surface. Besides its an all around badass soap that has deep cleaning powers, we just know you’re gonna love it!

Weight4.5 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 5.5 × 12 in


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