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Solar Graphene The Worlds First Amphibious Graphene Coating

Introducing the first Graphene Coating designed for not only marine use but also auto. Designed to withstand the most extreme conditions Mother Nature can throw at you. Specifically formulated to improve upon our wildly popular Solar defense formula. Solar Graphene offers reduced water spotting, higher stain resistance and a level of gloss that will blow your mind.
Immerse yourself in a world of beads, deep gloss, and incredible slickness! We created this phenomenon through improving the water contact angle, allowing water to effortlessly fall off your car or boat.
Our goal with formulating Solar Graphene was to make the perfect product to not only withstand the harsh marine environment but also be user-friendly in the automotive world. One easy to use product to solve all your coating needs for any surface you can imagine.
What is impressive about Solar Graphene is it is the perfect candidate on virtually any substrate (surface). We found Graphene applies on metals, plastics, windows, upholstery in addition to paint and gelcoat and holds up extremely well on these surfaces.

Graphene Oxide

 By integrating graphene-oxide to our ceramic chemistry we are able to improve the characteristics of our coatings. Essentially what this means is the  product has a ceramic element (SiO2), which bonds to your gelcoat or paint while the graphene-oxide portion of the formula forms the surface layer of the coating.

This in turn forms a strong bond creating the ultimate protection. We took our highly active solar defense formula which is the perfect candidate for the quirks of porous gelcoat and incorporated our reduced graphene-oxide to give you this easy to use amphibious coating.

No longer do you need to carry several different coatings in your arsenal to tackle every surface on your car or boat. We found the sweet spot of active Graphene to provide you with this one covers all Amphibious Coating.

Graphene Aftercare 

Caring for your solar graphene coating is similar to any traditional ceramic coating. Since, the base is ceramic you can use SiO2 products. Bubblebath makes the perfect soap to care for your graphene coating.

Also, using Graphene Refresh whenever you wash your car or boat while drying will help preserve and maintain your graphene coating.

Lastly, on a quarterly basis be sure to go around your boat with our popular Graphene Glow and semi-annually on cars. 

By following these measures you will enjoy YEARS not months of the best protection money can buy for your car or boat.

Graphene vs. Ceramic

  • 10H coating for land & sea
  • Multi-surface uses – safe on virtually any surface; paint, gelcoat, glass, plastics, metals, and upholstery.
  • Reduced water-spotting and resistance to staining
  • Improved depth of gloss
  • Increased contact angle (meaning water slides off better)
  • Even easier application and leveling
  • More flexible than traditional ceramic coatings
  • 18-24 months of protection on boats, 7 years on cars 
  • 9H coating used primarily on marine surfaces
  • Works best on gelcoat and painted surfaces
  • High gloss
  • Easy application
  • Great UV protection
  • Barrier against oxidation
  • Amazing hydrophobic properties
  • Flexible
  • 18-24 months of protection on boats, 4-5 years on cars


  1. Fully correct the gelcoat or paint to rid it of any oxidation and defects and bring it as close to 100%       as possible.
  2. Use an IPA solution to wipe down the entire car or boat to remove any oils, waxes and residues left behind, this is to ensure a proper bond of the coating to the surface.
  3. Shake bottle
  4. Apply several drops to the applicator pad. Start with a 3’x3’ section, work the coating in a cross        hatch pattern.
  5. The coating will rainbow as it gasses and begins the flashing process. Once the coating starts to sweat (bead) it has flashed and is ready to be leveled. Level the coating with two microfiber towels (a lead and finish towel) to remove all of the coating.
  6. If any high spots are left, apply a drop or two to the applicator pad to reactivate the coating and level.
  7. Allow 24hrs for coating to cure free from water.
  8. Enjoy your car or boat!