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Graphene Refresh – give your car or boat a facelift with every wash.

Every YACHTE needs a quick detailer in their daily arsenal. Looking to get finger prints and smudges off while your guests are off at lunch, simply spray and wipe. The worlds easiest quick detailer to use, simply spray and wipe to a wet or dry car or boat. 
Graphene Refresh will leave you with an insanely slick, deep gloss, hydrophobic and streak-free surface that will blow your mind.
Wash after wash Graphene Refresh leaves protection on your car or boats surface. Adds seconds not minutes or hours to your weekly washing regiment. Graphene Refresh works amazing on all surfaces paint, gelcoat, windows, metals, and plastics just like any of our Amphibious Graphene products. 
Graphene Refresh not only works with Graphene Coatings but it can be used on cars and boats with traditional ceramic coatings and help extend the life of sealants.

Graphene Oxide – Quick Detailer Edition

 Harnessing the power of Graphene Oxide and emulsifying it with water has allowed us to bring you this mind blowing product.  What this means for you is all the shininess, slickness and beads you love in a lightweight daily use formula.

Extend the life of your coatings, and sealants with the power of Graphene, in a spray and wipe solution. Best of all Graphene Refresh can be used on virtually any surface, paint, gelcoat, windows, metals, plastics, headlights and more. 

Benefits Of Graphene Refresh 

Graphene refresh provides you with countless benefits. When you want that just detailed look week in and week out all you have to do is mist on your wet car or boat and dry. Add seconds not hours to your weekly care regiment. Graphene Refresh will give your car or boat a super slick surface, improved depth of gloss and a super hydrophobic surface.

The ease of maintenance will make you want to use Graphene Refresh week in and week out. You’ll enjoy easier cleanup with reduced water spotting and improved stain resistance.

One of the biggest advantages to using Graphene Refresh is extending the life of your coatings whether it be traditional ceramic or graphene and even your everyday polymer sealants.


Using as a drying aide:

  1. While car or boat is still wet, spray a section of the car or boat. 
  2. Take your drying towel or chamois and dry for a streak free, glossy finish.

General Use: 

    1. Spray a section of car or boat. 
    2. With a fresh microfiber towel completely dry Graphene Refresh for beautiful deep shine with added protection