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All the benefits of a graphene coating without the hassle

Graphene Glow The Easiest Graphene Coating You Will Every Apply! 

Inspired by our popular Solar Glow, Graphene Glow gives you all of the benefits of a traditional Graphene Coating in an easier to use formula. Graphene Glow cures in hours not days, and takes minutes not hours to apply. Save time, enjoy easier cleanups, and amazing hydrophobic properties. Enjoy the benefits of our Amphibious line of coatings on all your land and sea toys.

How We Use Graphene Glow 

Graphene Glow is designed to not only be used as a standalone product. It plays an integral roll in caring for our Solar Graphene Coatings. On a quarterly basis we like to go around the boat and freshen up our Solar Graphene. This ensures we keep the coating in good condition and high impact areas which are prone to being beat up by the sun stay beading and performing to the best of their abilities. 
In the auto space we like to apply Graphene Glow semi-annually to give it that extra boost. Coming from the boating world we believe in going above and beyond when caring for our coatings due to the harsh nature of the marine environment. 

Graphene Oxide – Spray Edition

 We took our Graphene Oxide formulations and were able to decrease the activity of our formula. This provides the end user with a lightweight easy-to-use formula perfect for novices and professionals alike to enjoy.

Don’t be fooled by its less active formula, you’ll receive all the benefits of Graphene without the complexity of installing a traditional coating. 

These benefits include, reduced water-spotting, higher resistance to staining, improved water contact angle, amazing hydrophobic properties, deep gloss and an incredibly slick surface.

Graphene Aftercare 

Caring for Graphene Glow is simple. Since, the base is ceramic you can use SiO2 products. Bubblebath makes the perfect soap to care for your coating with still. Also using Graphene Refresh whenever you wash your car or boat while drying will help preserve and maintain your graphene coating.

You can also reapply Graphene Glow as often as you’d like to keep a good coat on your car or boat. 

By following these measures you will enjoy months of the best protection money can buy for your car or boat.

Graphene vs. Ceramic

  • Coating for land & sea
  • Multi-surface uses – safe on virtually any surface, paint, gelcoat, glass, plastics, metals, and upholstery.
  • Reduced water-spotting and resistance to staining
  • Improved depth of gloss
  • Increased contact angle (meaning water slides off better)
  • Even easier application and leveling
  • More flexible than traditional ceramic coatings
  • 4-6 months of protection on boats up to 1 year on cars 
  • Coating used primarily on marine surfaces
  • Works great on a variety of surfaces
  • High gloss
  • Easy application
  • Great UV protection
  • Barrier against oxidation
  • Amazing hydrophobic properties
  • Flexible
  • 4-6 months of protection on boats, up to 1 year on cars


  1. As with any coating, fully correct the gelcoat or paint to rid it of any oxidation and defects and bring it as close to 100% as possible.
  2. Use an IPA solution to wipe down the entire car or boat to remove any oils, waxes and residues left behind, this is to ensure a proper bond of the coating to the surface.
  3. Shake bottle
  4. Apply several sprays to the applicator pad or microfiber towel. Start with a 3’x3’ section, work rhe coating in a cross hatch pattern.
  5. Wait 1-2 minutes and wipe product completely away with a clean microfiber towel.
  6. If any high spots are left, apply a drop or two to the applicator pad to reactivate the coating and level.
  7. Allow 4hrs for coating to cure free from water.
  8. Enjoy your car or boat! 
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