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Graphene Quarterly Maintenance Kit For Cars & Boats

✅ Easily and safely manage your car or boats graphene coating with the perfect 1..2 combo

✅ Adds shine and gloss to your toys with a simple spray and after every wash

✅ Give your coating a facelift and that just coated look with mind-blowing hydrophobics and a slickness you wont believe

🇺🇸 Proudly made in the USA with our 100% guarantee


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Just like any coating whether it be ceramic or graphene, it needs to be cared for in order to keep performing to the best of its abilities. Thats where our quarterly kit comes into play. Comprised of our wildly popular Bubble Bath soap and a 16oz bottle of Graphene Glow.

Our Graphene Coating Quarterly Maintenance Kit Includes:

  • 32oz Bubble Bath Boat Soap
  • 16oz Graphene Glow Amphibious Spray Coating
  • Applicator Pad
  • 3 Microfiber Towels
Coating Erosion

Over time the coating can lose some of its beading and hydrophobic properties. Everyone loves a good beading action video and thats the first indication of a well protected car or boat. Boosting or enhancing these hydrophobic properties can help reduce water spotting, dirt contamination and buildup because it has a tough time sticking to the surface. The water beading up and not sticking to the surface is known as the self cleaning effect.

Graphene coatings have low surface tension which means the liquids on the surface of your car or boat can run off effortlessly, more so than with traditional ceramic coatings. But there is a catch to this over time through increased industrial fallout, dirt and grime, and surface contaminants this surface energy can become increased. What does this mean? Any unwanted items clinging to the surface can create obstacles for the water to stick to and take away from the longevity of the coating.

By applying Graphene infused products it helps to reintroduce the hydrophobic technology back to the coating instead of having to start from scratch again.

Gloss Loss

Just like before in the reduced beading effect. Over time the contaminants mentioned above can cause the surface to become bumpy and reduce the shine you once had. Through proper washing to carefully remove the contaminates you can maintain that ultra shine like when you had it first coated. Our Graphene infused products in this maintenance kit help to repair the worn away pieces of the ceramic coating on your boat or car.

We recommend using Graphene Glow our Amphibious Graphene spray coating every 3-4 months to help charge the coating back up to its like new coated condition and ensure you’re coating will stay beading and protecting your yacht or car month after month.


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