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“I’m amazed by the amount of suds and cleaning power, this soap packs a punch” – George Bubble Bath Customer

✅ Perfect way to experience YACHTE’s complete spa regimen.

✅ Everything you need to detail the chalkiest of boats in one package.

✅ The ultimate package every pro detailer starts out using the YACHTE line with.

🇺🇸 Proudly Made in the USA with 100% guarantee!


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Why buy one when you can try them all! Thats our logic behind out Boat Detailing Starter Kit. This allows you to sample everything we have to offer in one convenient package at 50% OFF if you were to buy each product in the kit individually.

What do you get? 

  • 32oz Bubble Bath Boat Soap – a fan favorite! 
  • 16oz Exfoliate -Heavy Cut Compound
  • 16oz Brighten & Tone Medium Cut Compound
  • -16oz Moisturize Finishing Polish
  • 16oz Sunscreen Polymer Sealant
Read below to get the benefits of every product in this wonderful kit.
This starter boat detailing kit offers everything you need to have the shiniest boat on the dock from heavy cut compounds to unbeatable protection with our boat wax
Our boat detailing kit will give you a swirl free boat and eliminate the toughest oxidation




Benefits of The Complete Kit

  • Play With Them All – The best way to sample our brand and see what you love and purchase again and again! 
  • Remove The Heaviest of Oxidation – With our starter kit you can eliminate the heaviest of oxidation in one shot and have a beautiful boat again.
  • Heavy Discounts – You can’t beat 50% off a $200 kit.
  • Learn The Line – Learn the best practices of every product for future needs.





  1. See each items individual instructions for best use practices.

These Products Go Great With Bubble Bath!

This is the perfect way to sample everything YACHTE has to offer. This is the same kit we supply to our professional detailers to test the YACHTE waters and lure them into the spa regimen for life. We include 16oz bottles of our full line of compounds/polishes, waxes and our bubble bath for you to enjoy.

What is Exfoliate?

Our heavy cut compound designed to eliminate 1200grit sand scratches. It cuts through heavy oxidation quickly and easily. If the oxidation is extreme it may need more than one application to completely eliminate all of the heavy oxidation (the joys of the florida sun beating up the boats constantly). 

It is a diminishing abrasive so if worked properly it will finish down with minimal swirls left behind to polish out and in some cases depending on the job you can go straight to waxing/sealing.

What we did was increase the lubricity of exfoliation to give you longer working time with the product especially since you’re working in direct sunlight in many cases. When done the product will leave behind a a light oily film to wipe away. It will dust up while cutting like most heavy cuts.

Its about an 8 out of 10 on the aggressiveness scale.

What is Brighten & Tone?

This is a really unique formula in many aspects and we spent a lot of time dialing this one in. Although we label it as a medium cut it still packs a punch is 7 out of 10 on the aggressiveness scale eliminating 1500grit sand scratches. 

One of the most unique factors is we formulated this with DA and Long Throw polishers in mind to provide you with excellent cutting power on the Rupes and Dual Action machines. But don’t be fooled it still works unbelievably well with a rotary polisher. 

What I like to do on the larger yachts with massive brows and bulwarks where the swirls can be stubborn to eliminate is make a pass with the rotary with Brighten & Tone then make another pass with the Rupes with the pads of your choice. 

It will leave behind a dazzling gloss and in most cases polish the boat out that you can go to sealing with no problems.

What I also love about this product is it doesn’t dust up like the heavy cut so no more making a sand trap on the boat and contains a lot of lubricity to give you plenty of working time to correct the surface. When done there will be a slight film to wipe away.

What is Moisturize?

This is our finishing polish designed to eliminate 3000 grit sand scratches. Its a excellent for the last step before sealing to make the gelcoat or paint pop that extra mile. A unique thing we did with this product is add some light polymer to it. We did this because we find that extra hydration of the polymer helps our polymer sealant (sunscreen) bond better to the gelcoat.

It has ample lubrication to give you plenty of working time for bringing the surface under 100% correction. Since there is some polymer sealant it will wipe away like a wax and haze up as it dries when you’re finished.

What is Sunscreen?

This is our creme polymer sealant and we aimed to give you long lasting protection for your routine detailing jobs where the owners or captains don’t want to ceramic coat the surface. It goes on easy either by hand or with a DA. Will give the boat a great shine and is our longest lasting non ceramic sealant. Once it hazes up just wipe it off and the surface comes clean.

We aimed to base it off defense and aerospace sealant with the durability of this product.

What is Bubble Bath?

Is an SiO2 infused soap designed to work in conjunction with coated boats to help recharge the coating and keep the chemical bond strong. It works great as a standalone product as well. If you didn’t already know…

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 9 in


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