“Easy to apply and blows rain-x out of the water, water was flying off the windshield” – Brian Solar Glass Customer

Short & sweet our edgeless, tagless microfiber towels are the perfect fit for your interior and exterior needs when it comes to detailing your boat.



Designed for those of us who dare to leave the shoreline in our wake and the conditions turn out to be less than favorable…Those days when you’re throwing water all over the place and taking shots of spray all day and the wipers don’t shut off. Or that storm pops up and its pouring out at sea. All you can see is the sheets of water clouding your view.

Theres one problem though you can’t see through the windows because you don’t have any protection on there and you’re running blind.

Now you wish you had a good coating of something on your windows to be able to see what lies ahead of you. Enter Solar Glass a unique ceramic glass coating designed to give you crystal clear visibility when you need it most! 

Solar Glass is a two part ceramic glass coating. Comprised of a ceramic base coat topped with silica to provide you with durable protection for over a year. 

Solar Glass fully cures in one hour after application so you can get back to enjoying your boat.

We offer the product as a kit to start but in order to extend the life of Solar Glass you can reapply Part B to revive the coating and extend the life of Solar Glass for well over a year.

Crystal Clear Visibility with ceramic glass coating

Benefits of Solar Glass

  • Reduce Water spots – by coating all your glass surfaces you will drastically reduce your chances of having water spots and hard water stains.
  • Improved Clarity – by applying Solar Glass to your window you will be be able to see clearer as water beads and flows right off the glass surfaces. 
  • Hydrophobic – meaning our coating is waterproof. Apply and watch the water repel off your boats glass.
  • Self-Cleaning – because of the ceramic base coat your windows now come clean easier and wont stain.
  • Durable – provides  1 year of protection if unmaintained.
  • Easier Cleanup – because you are sealing up the glass with an additional layer it makes washing your boat easier. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your boat.
  • Easy Application – simple two step application wipes on and off effortlessly.


  1. Thoroughly clean glass surface by washing or with a glass cleaner.

  2. Liberally apply Part A to to the glass in a cross hatch pattern to ensure complete coverage. (make sure you go a little heavy with this step)

  3. Leave Part A on the glass and with a clean applicator pad apply 10 drops or so of Part B and apply over Part A in a cross hatch pattern.

  4. Wait about a minute or so for product to flash and wipe glass completely clean.

  5. Fully cures 1 hour after application.
Improved visibility after installation



Caring For Your Coating

Like any other coating, we recommend maintaining Solar Glass. This helps to extend the longevity of our ceramic glass coating. By using our boat soap Bubble Bath this will help to lay down a layer of protection of the windows and keep them beading week after week.

In addition to washing with Bubble Bath, reapply part B after about 6 months to recharge the ceramic on the boats glass. This will ensure you reap the full benefits of solar glass and extend the life of the coating.

These products are must adds to Solar Glass!

Looking for the perfect all around microfiber towel to clean your boat with? Look no further our edgeless microfiber towels are suitable to clean all the surfaces on your boat.  

Ideal For:

  • Removing compounds, polishes, waxes and sealants 
  • Wiping off Ceramic Coatings
  • Washing your boats delicate surfaces
  • Drying your boat
  • Cleaning leather, vinyl, plastic, metal, mirrors, wood surfaces
  • Cleaning isinglass
  • Clean all surfaces on your boat safely 


  • Good all around size 16″X16″
  • Edgeless (ultrasonic cut edge) – perfect for not scratching delicate surfaces on your boat such as isinglass
  • Tagless
  • 300GSM (grams per square meter) making them plush enough for all your detailing needs
  • 70% polyester / 30% polyamide
  • 100% microfiber blend

Safe Use Practices/Care

YACHTE Tip – fold the microfiber towel into quarters to give you eight cleaning surfaces to use the towel with. As each section gets dirty rotate the towel to a clean side.

Safe to use on delicate electronic screens as long as the towel is clean and free from anything stuck to it that may scratch the screen.

Machine wash with mild liquid detergent (free of dyes, fragrances, bleach and softeners). Tumble dry low and do not iron. Do not use any fabric softener as this clogs the microbe towels and reduces their performance. Wash only with other non linting materials (no cotton) to maintain proper dirt gripping properties.



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