Yachte tips/tricks

learn what a ceramic coating for you boat is and all the benefits associated of coating your boat.

Demystifying Ceramic Coating For Boats

By now I’m sure you’ve probably heard about ceramic coating a boat at least once or twice in passing. But what the heck exactly is a ceramic coating? Is it snake oil? The latest fad to fade away or is it really all it’s cracked up to be?  Well hopefully after reading this you’ll have

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Learn how to quickly find and eliminate boat smells

6 Quick Tips For Finding and Eliminating Boat Smells

My goal today with this quick simple post is to help you pinpoint the 6 go to places onboard a boat where boat odors are sure to be coming from. By the end you will be armed with quick actionable tips to get your boat odors under control.   Boat smells can easily ruin a

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Learn The Best Practices To Successfully Land a Job on a Yacht

What Does It Take To Become A Yachtie

So you caught a glimpse of a beautiful yacht sitting in the harbor and saw the crew hard at work serving guests and keeping the vessel in Bristol shape? Quietly you said to yourself… “that seems like an awesome job, how do I throw my hat in the ring for that job and become a

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