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Inspired By Life At Sea

For those with saltwater in their veins. The passion, love and need to be on the water is why YACHTE was created. YACHTE is for boaters looking to experience life past the breakers through products designed to make your boat stand out! 

Yachte tips/tricks

Graphene coating vs Ceramic coating

Graphene Coatings Vs. Traditional Ceramic Coatings

There’s a lot of buzz in the detailing world these days about Graphene Coatings. But what exactly are they and how do they differ from traditional ceramic coatings?  In short, our Amphibious Graphene Coating is the next evolution in ceramic coatings. Why is this? Simply put, our Graphene Coating is a hybrid coating. It contains

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Learn how to wax a boat

Learn How To Wax A Boat Properly

Ever wonder how to wax a boat properly? To get that beautiful gloss that you can see from the other end of the dock as you walk towards your boat. Look no further, this simple guide will take you from newbie to pro when it comes to waxing your boat. Before we start waxing there

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how to choose the right buffer for detailing a boat

Choosing The Perfect Buffer for Boat Detailing

When it comes to selecting a buffer for boat detailing there are countless choices. Where do you begin if you’re new to detailing boats? How do you know you’re picking the right machine? Based on what you’re looking to do and what condition your boat is in will dictate what buffer you will need. In

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