Inspired By A Life At Sea

Born out of the salt & sun, YACHTE was developed by professional Yachtie’s to overcome the everyday struggles of caring for and maintaining the worlds most expensive yachts on the planet. YACHTE is for professionals and enthusiasts alike, looking to obtain picture perfect yacht care results.

Yachte tips/tricks

To apply ceramic coating to your boat you must first apply 10-15 drops to an applicator pad

How To Prepare and Apply Ceramic Coating To Your Boat

You’ve done it, you decided to take the plunge and ceramic coat your boat. If you’re unsure where to begin, don’t worry. This guide will show you the easiest way to prep and apply ceramic coating to your boat from start to finish.  Before we dive into the preparation and application process for ceramic coating.

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Myths about ceramic coatings and your boat

Top Myths About Ceramic Coatings & Your Boat

When it comes to ceramic coatings there is a lot of poor information and misconceptions. Its today’s new snake oil. People have this idea that it is an end all indestructible substance. But in fact, it can fail and doesn’t last forever. Ceramic coatings simply put, are wax on steroids and if abused and not

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How to properly maintain your boat with ceramic coating on it

How To Care For A Boat With Ceramic Coating On It

Applying a ceramic coating to your boat is only a small portion of the journey when it comes to achieving the durability of an 18-24 month coating. The sun, salt and everything in between in a marine environment can do enough to harm your boats coating and break it down prematurely. Start by taking care

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