Inspired By A Life At Sea

Born out of the salt & sun, YACHTE was developed by professional Yachtie’s to overcome the everyday struggles of caring for and maintaining the worlds most expensive yachts on the planet. YACHTE is for professionals and enthusiasts alike, looking to obtain picture perfect yacht care results.

Yachte tips/tricks

how to properly clean a boat so it doesn't smell like diesel

My Boat Smells Like Diesel, How Do I Get Rid Of The Smell?

Getting rid of the smell of diesel in your boat shouldn’t be a catastrophe. Show of hands, how many of you suffer from this terrible smell of lingering diesel onboard your boat? I thought so, it’s brutal, I know. But how do you get rid of the smell? I’ve got a few tricks up my

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Learn how to professionally detail your boat

How To: Remove heavy oxidation & wax your boat

You’re walking down the docks to your boat one beautiful afternoon and notice she isn’t looking too shiny. You decide its time to roll up your sleeves and break out the wax. To bring her back to a showroom finish. To much, chagrin the luster won’t come back with some wax on wax off, what

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The benefits of using a gel air purifier on a boat

How and Why Air Purifiers Are Beneficial on Your Boat

Want the secret to a great smelling boat? Gel based air purifiers are a great way to eliminate mold, mildew, and other strong harmful odors onboard your boat. Have you ever hopped onboard a boat either your own or a friends and smelt that horrible boat smell? Air Purifiers are an easy solution to solving

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